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It all started as a fairytale for Sarah Archer, Miss United Kingdom Beautiful 2014 – 2015. While growing up, she’d always delighted in watching models wearing the best fashion trends; something she ended up doing when she was grown enough to enter the world of beauty pageantry. Talking to Globe Entertainment UK, the elegant Miss United Kingdom Beautiful said “I think watching models wearing the best trends, in my childhood, inspired me to become a model. I’ve always been interested in showcasing clothes rather than creating them.”

Sarah first came into prominence in 2008 when she entered the Miss England contest, and won Miss Portsmouth. From there, she spread her wings and aimed for the bull’s eye. Several years down the line, Sarah Archer has been crowned Miss United Kingdom. This notwithstanding, the current bearer of the Miss United Kingdom Beautiful crown considers herself a humanitarian more than a Beauty Queen. Perhaps this display of humility adds another dimension to the whole concept of beauty.

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While trying to get a break in the world of modelling, some top modelling agencies had told her she didn’t quite have the right looks for modelling. Reflecting on this experience, Sarah revealed “I decided that I didn’t need to fit under any kind of category. I applied for Miss United Kingdom because beauty is much more than being on a runway…beauty is skin deep.”

When asked what it took to be successful in the world of pageantry, the glowing Miss United Kingdom let out a disarming smile, and responded: “Being confident is very important. At the same time you shouldn’t be hard on yourself because everybody needs some practice before they get better. Everybody gets anxious before a show. It’s normal…it’s human nature.”

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In modelling and beauty pageantry, models and contestants have to constantly face an audience. And the pressure to be at one’s best can sometimes be overwhelming. Talking about this pressure Sarah disclosed: “When I have to go on the stage, I look at the piece of art I’m wearing and I think that my body is a vehicle to showcase this to the world. So I have to be at my best for everyone to enjoy it.” Sarah Archer said her career as a model and beauty queen came with its own pressures. “I’m always on the road or flying to some other country or in the gym. So I don’t have a lot of time with my family and that is important to me. Finding a balance is crucial.”

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The beauty queen added that her current mission is to inspire the younger generation to take the initiative to support religious freedoms. “I’ve met with some very influential religious leaders like the Pope and Dr. Ahmed Al Tayeb (Imam), the Head of Al-Azhar University, to try and eradicate militant groups”, she said.


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