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Renowned Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face, was in London recently to help his compatriot film producer Lydia Forson promote her movie, “A Letter from Adam”. And granted Globe Entertainment UK an exclusive interview on his plans to take his comedy global. The comedian, who is yet to go on a global tour with his stand up comedy, already has a huge following on social networking platforms. With over 92,900 followers on Instagram, 213,000 followers on Twitter and 655,000 followers on Facebook, the Ghanaian comedian is, by many standards, on his way to becoming a global sensation.

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Throughout the interview, comedian Funny Face was very relaxed and tickled this interviewer with his wicked sense of humour. He’d frequently digress to tell some wicked joke which obviously got me cracking up with laughter. On the question of whether Ghanaian comedians had done as much as their Nigerian colleagues to take comedy global he said “I’m one person who doesn’t like to compare…when that moment of glory comes things will happen. I’ve performed all over Africa and in Europe and the same applies to some Ghanaian comedians. The Ghanaian comedy industry still needs to grow but Nigerian comedy industry is big already…they have over 2,000 to 3,000 comedians. In Ghana, you can count the number of comedians we have…someone has to take our comedy global and some of us are willing to do that. But at the end of the day we’ll get there.”

The comedian, who likes to call himself ‘SwagOn-Papa’ has his fingers dipped into many pies, and is an ardent campaigner for children rights and also supports local charities through his media company SwaagOn Entertainment. His company currently organises the biggest annual children’s programme, ‘FunnyFace Fun Festival’, in Ghana. The fun festival grosses an attendance of some 30,000 to 40,000 children with some of the proceeds going to support the work of local charities. Funny Face has made a name for himself on national tv. And disclosed to Globe Entertainment UK that plans had far advanced to start his own tv series ‘Cow & Chicken’ on United Television Ghana Limited (UTV) very soon.

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Perhaps characteristic of Funny Face, he joked when asked how he was doing in his music career. The comedian has been featured by some renowned Ghanaian hiplife artistes like Castro. After having a laugh at my question, he said “I think I’ve got about nine songs out there, but only two make sense…all the rest are useless songs. The other songs have titles like: Tilapia, crocodile…’dabodabo’ (meaning duck in Ghanaian dialect Twi). These are the songs I sing in Ghana and people simply download on their phones to listen to it after which they delete because they need the space on their phones.”

We got personal when I asked the comedian whether he’d always carried his comic personality into his private life. “I’m always myself. Wherever I find myself I tell jokes…when I came to London I did a video in which I wore a t- shirt and boxer shorts in the cold…put it on Facebook and Youtube and joked that this was the dress code for London. This may be crazy, but even when I’m home it’s the same…it may shock you that some of us have serious problems but we make sure we tackle our problems with happiness…sometimes, I admit, I get sad but whatever is worrying me will weigh me down for only 10 minutes after which I bounce back”, he revealed.

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Sending a message to his global fans and followers, he said “my message is firstly, believe in yourself…don’t let anybody weigh you down and secondly, resist peer pressure. If someone is doing something doesn’t mean you should do the same thing…we are all different. I’m a living testimony…you know footballers Adebayor and Didier Drogba are my good friends and these guys have curly hair…they make millions a week. I will take 40 years to make this amount of money yet when they jump I also want to jump…because they have curly hair I also decided to perm my hair and now I’m losing hair from the Middle Eastern part of my head…I’m almost bald. Peer pressure almost killed me.”

The comedian will soon be departing for Accra, and says he’s looking forward to doing his global stand up tour.


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