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In the modelling business, it’s not often you find identical twins strutting the catwalk. Twins Kereen and Selina Hurley are young London-based models and drama and performance undergraduates who have already made some impression on the creative arts industry. Kereen, 21, granted Globentertainment UK an interview on her career as a young model and actor.

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What was your motivation for becoming a model?
My motivation was the beauty magazines, the models I see in beauty stores and music videos.

How did you get your first break…what actually happened?
My first break was when I applied for a casting online and I was a featured model on mtv and iTunes.

Much is expected of models in the Fashion Industry. As a young model, how do you cope?
It’s sometimes difficult because I’m dark-skin model and some people only want light skin, Latinas, blackenese and blasian models.

What are some of the challenges you are confronted with as a model?
One major challenge is the rejections and the mistreatment you get in the industry.I don’t have problems with my
race that much…it’s more about my complexion and being dark-skinned can be difficult in the industry.

How does your modelling background affect your sense of fashion?
I have a great sense of style and I always try to keep up to date.

What, in your opinion, is beauty?
Beauty to me is confidence and it’s all about loving your features and loving the skin you’re in.

In what ways does being a model affect your personal life?
Modelling affects my personal life when it comes to people recognizing me from videos and trying to balance university life and modelling.

What have been some of your achievements so far?
My achievements were being featured on capital xtra, working with a huge Disney star and being on mtv.

What are your ambitions?
My ambition is to become a successful model, actor and also to work in the performing arts industry; even if
it’s the admin side of things.

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Your twin sister is also into modelling. How different are you from your twin sister?
My twin is more laid back; I’m the glamorous one that loves fashion a lot, make-up and hair.

Twins are known to play pranks on people…what’s your story?
My prank was going to my sister’s lesson and pretending to be her.

How do you make up with your twin sister when you quarrel?
We make up accidently when we look at each other and smile.

Kereen21 Twins On The Runway   Kereen And Selina

How does being a twin affect your sense of fashion?
We wear different clothes unless they request us to look the same.

If I wanted to be a model, what would you say to me?
If you wanted to model I would say be confident, don’t try and fit in and be prepared for rejections.


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