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Dentaa Amoateng is not only the CEO of the Ghana-UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards; she’s also had her finger in many pies in the entertainment industry. In an interview with Globe Entertainment UK, the proud wife and mother of three wonderful children said her achievements in commerce and entertainment had only served to encourage her to carry on with her good works.

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What 3 words best describe Dentaa?
I would say Determined, Positive and Kind.

You are known as an entrepreneur, actress, TV presenter, singer, producer and manager. What else do you do?

Many don’t know this about me but, I am also a qualified paediatric nurse. I am blessed to be able to do all the things that I love.

Your experience extends to many fields. How are you able to juggle with your job as entrepreneur and broadcaster?
I have a great support system consisting of my family and the GUBA team. The GUBA team are incredible and play a significant role in achieving the organisation’s objectives. Delegation is also an important factor in achieving balance.

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You have been on British TV and previously had roles in EastEnders and Holby City. How challenging is it to excel in British media?
It is indeed challenging, even more so for a woman. The media industry is already saturated with talent so to break through, and as a minority can be difficult. It is more than possible however, to break through. It takes steadfastness, determination and diligence.

What was your motivation for establishing the Ghana UK Based Achievements (GUBA) Awards?
My inspiration came from seeing a large number of Ghanaians in this country doing exceptionally well. You have people like Henry Bonsu and Hugh Quarshie that are working hard and putting Ghana on the map. These great Ghanaians serve as role models for us young Ghanaians and that is what inspired me to use GUBA as a platform to acknowledge these wonderful people and a lot of the unknown others.

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As an advocate of the Ghanaian community, how do you reflect your cultural values and heritage in what you do?
GUBA is centred on the development of Ghana thus; our objectives are set to reflect these values. For instance, we set up the GUBA Expo last year, which was aimed to provide SMEs with business advice and training. Ghana is still a developing economy and I believe that entrepreneurship is one of the ways to achieve stability. Therefore, initiatives such as the GUBA Expo aid in reaching that end goal.

We have also recently launched the ‘End Infant Mortality’ Campaign through the GUBA Foundation. The aim is to reduce the rising number of infant deaths in Ghana. One of the Ghanaian cultural values is to do things with love and I feel that through this love, we all need to play a part in our country’s development.


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