Elton Finally Talks To Putin


In what may pass as a good case of damage control and a publicity stunt, English composer and singer Sir Elton John is said to have received a call from the Russian president after an initial hoax call by hosts of a Russian TV Channel.

elton vladmir 3 Elton Finally Talks To Putin

The singer had earlier received a phone call purported to be from Vladimir Putin, but after an engaging conversation it turned out the caller was a prankster. In the face of this humiliating turn of events, Sir Elton John held a press conference in which he disclosed he was still interested in talking to the real Putin.

After extending a hand of friendship, the Russian president personally contacted Sir Elton John. Details of this phone call were revealed to British newspaper Metro by the singer’s partner David Furnish. ‘Once the hoax got out of the way the real Putin picked up the phone and called him,’ said Mr. Furnish. ‘He was very engaging and very anxious to talk face-to-face. Elton said, “I love the Russian people. I came in the 70’s when communism was everywhere and I think your policies are setting your country back. I want to talk to you about that.” Putin said, “I’m happy to talk to you”.’

The fact that the Russian president himself contacted the singer after the hoax phone call perhaps gives credence to the theory that even bad press could be turned around in ones favour.


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