Daniel Craig Says There Could Be A Female Bond In Future


Bond frontman Daniel Craig said today that it was possible a female could be cast to play James Bond in future.

The star, who was being interviewed by Channel 5 prior to the release of the new Bond movie Spectre, on the 26th of October, was asked whether he thought the Bond movies had become less sexist. Spectre is said to feature relatively strong female characters with no damsel in distress. “As far as I’m concerned making bond less sexist is a no brainer…every character should be strong. There shouldn’t be any bad clichés anywhere,” he said. On the question of whether he was comfortable having a female character play the Bond role, he answered in the affirmative saying anything was possible in future.

Spectre will offer audiences ridiculously large explosions, flying cars and nasty villains and promises a spine tingling experience for Bond enthusiasts. In this new Bond movie special agent 007 defies orders from above and goes to Mexico. When asked whether the fictional Bond was the kind of guy he’d love to hang out with. Mr. Craig responded “he could probably be good fun for a couple of hours.” However, the actor wasn’t too sure he could hang out with fictional Bond too long as he (Daniel Craig) was a bit laid back.

In contrast to the all-seeing character of the powers that be in Bond movies, the actor believes no government should have the power to spy on its citizenry. “We should always be questioning it. No government should be allowed to always have the facility to listen to its people”, he revealed.

Spectre focuses on detective surveillance and features Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux and Naomi Harris as Bond girls. As the movie premiers in a few days Bond enthusiasts and critics will be on the look out to find out whether Spectre will live up to the hype that normally precedes the release of all Bond movies.


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