Is It End Of The Road For One Direction?


A closer look at the history of most pop band groups will reveal some sort of a split at some point. News that One Direction is taking a break after 5 years has broken many tender hearts. As someone put it, the group appears to have cashed in on the tears of young girls who form its fan base.

From the pop star dream of 5 boys, One Direction was born in 2010 when the group appeared on the X-Factor show. Since this appearance the group has had sell-out shows and millions of fans worldwide. With record sale of approximately £50 million worldwide, and with 7.5 million fans turning up to their concerts, One Direction will go down as one of the most successful pop band groups. The boys, who are all under 24 years, are said to have a combined worth of £100 million.

In spite of these successes, One Direction suffered a setback when, Zayn Malik, left the group during its Worldwide Jakarta tour. One is left to wonder whether the group has decided to bail out now to prevent the inevitable. Is it a good idea for the group to go on break at the height of their fame? DJ Steve White of Hallam FM says: “I think it’s brave of them…the way things are these days with social media, fashion and music moving on fairly quickly. It’s going to be easy for people to focus on another band while they’re away. That said they’ve held people’s attention for some years. So they can afford to take a break.”

As the boys settle down to pursue their solo careers, it’s certain that only the ones with a tough skin will thrive in the music industry.


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