Taylor Swift To Shake Off A $42 Million Law Suit


American singer songwriter and actress Taylor Swift is being sued by artist Jesse Braham for stealing lyrics for her hit single Shake It Off. The artist claims the Shake It Off singer plagiarised the lyrics “players gonna play and haters gonna hate” from his song ‘Haters Gonna Hate’.

Taylor Swift’s up-tempo pop track, which topped the charts in 9 countries, also set the record of the highest debut ever at No. 9 on the Adult Pop Songs chart. Apart from the lawsuit, R&B singer Jesse Braham wants a credit check on Swift’s Shake It Off.

Commenting on the law suit in a Channel 5 news interview, copyright lawyer Andy Millmore said the R&B singer had to prove two things. ‘One he’s got to proof that his work and her work are objectively similar enough. And it’s a quality test not a quantity test…you’ve got to look at the essence of his song and what she’s taken…are they closer enough? Number two he’s got to proof that she actually copied him. So he’s got to show that she had access to his work and that she was thinking about his work,’ he disclosed.

The Shake It Off singer is said to have recently trademarked words from her own album 1979 to avoid falling foul of the law. The singer and her management have since not commented on the law suit. But the law suit, which is based on six words in one song, and the millions being sought by R&B singer Jesse Braham raise the stakes.


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