Fleur East Resurfaces On X-Factor With Xplosive Performance


After going into hibernation to further hone her talent, British performer of Ghanaian descent, Fleur East, put up a show-stopping performance last night on the X-Factor.

Fleur, 28, who was runner up of the X-Factor last year, recently released her debut single Sax. The rare talent is remembered for performing Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars on the X-Factor, and instantly making the song a number 1 hit on the UK music charts.

Although many hearts were broken when the singer lost out to Ben Haenow at the finals, some perceived it to be a good sign as few winners of the X-Factor are known to have done well in mainstream music industry. However, several second runner ups and some participating acts in the X-Factor have had the greatest impact in mainstream industry.

Fleur East’s ability to sing, rap and perform intricate dance moves put her in a class of her own. If her latest release is anything to go by, it is almost certain she’ll be the Janet Jackson of her generation.


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