Kylie Minogue Releases ‘Everyday’s Like Christmas’ Remix


Australian born singer, Kylie Minogue, has re-united with her old producers Stock Aitken and Waterman to produce a Christmas single. British songwriting and record producing trio Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman have had great success producing some 1980’s tracks for artistes like Rick Astley, Mel and Kim, Jason Donavan and many others.

Although the singer has been separated from her old producers for 25 years, Stock Aitken and Waterman were behind some of her successful songs like: I should Be So Lucky and Better The Devil You Know.

Talking about the Christmas single in a Channel 5 news interview, producer Mike Stock admitted he didn’t immediately identify the singer’s star quality when they first met. “When she first came in the studio, she sat, she was quite immure and had no special clothes on…she had little round specs and was doing crochet in the corner while we were busying ourselves. And I thought I wasn’t sure, but get her behind the mike or get the camera on her and all of a sudden something alike goes on…then I realised there was magic there.

Kylie Minogue’s single, Everyday’s Like Christmas, has a 1980’s twist and was written by Chris Martin.


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