Vogue Magazine Celebrates 100 years Of Style And Fashion


As the fashion industry goes through changes, one aspect of fashion which has always remained the same over the years is fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue. The magazine is published in 23 different national and regional editions. This year, the UK version of the magazine celebrates its hundredth anniversary.

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As part of its centenary celebration, the magazine is showcasing its famous covers at an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

In an interview with Channel 5 News one of Vogue’s famous cover stars, Lesley Lawson, better known as Twiggy, revealed how being in Vogue aged just 16 changed her life. The English model disclosed that although she hated what she looked like as a teenager, featuring in the magazine completely changed her personality. “It was weird for me because nine months before I’d been in school, hating what I looked like…I think what happened to me wasn’t only to do with looks, it was to do with personality.”

The first ever UK magazine cover which was published in 1916 had the caption: ‘Forecast of Autumn Fashions’ and gave readers a very British forecast of fashion. Vogue currently has a readership of over a million and in an interview the magazine’s longest serving and current editor Alexandra Shulman said: “The interesting thing now is because everybody shows everything so quickly in a way the fashion shoots that we do and the kind of preciousness has become a more valuable commodity.”

From the look of things, conventional publishing outlets like Vogue will have to offer more interesting content as they now face stiff competition from the many digital publishing outlets which all compete for readership.

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