New Guidelines For Cosmetic Surgery


Advancement in cosmetic surgery now makes it easy for people to undergo breast implants or facelifts, but some individuals who have gone under the knife have said they have been inflicted with life-changing conditions.

It is in the light of this that the General Medical Council (GMC) has developed new guidance for doctors who carry out cosmetic procedures. Some of the new rules indicate:

– Doctors must advertise and market their services responsibly (this means advertisement
should be devoid of promotional tactics like two for one offers).

– Patients must make direct contact with doctors who will be carrying out their surgical procedures.

– Patients must be given some time to reflect over their decision, in case they decide to change
their mind about the surgical procedure.

– Doctors must give continuity of care so patients know who to deal with after their surgery.

Speaking about the new guidance in a recent interview with Channel 5 News, Chairman of the General Medical Council in UK, Professor Terence Stephenson said: “If doctors don’t follow our guidance, and patients complain about them then we will investigate. And if we find out its true, we can either suspend them or in extreme cases, strike them off to stop them from practising.”

Although surgeons believe the rules will be better for both patients and practitioners, some critics have argued these measures only serve to raise the standards for practicing surgeons rather than improve patient safety. For anyone considering cosmetic surgery, it may be worth considering the risks involved and the possibility of living with living-changing conditions after the surgery.


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