Tiwa Savage Tee Billz Saga: The Flip Side


The case of Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz brings back many memories and reminds one of Tina Turner. For me it’s a reflection of when a woman has had enough.

We live in a society where the threat of divorce is used as a weapon against women because it is deemed as shameful when a husband leaves the wife and because of that many women have endured different levels of abuse; be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Many women are sworn to silence in the name of protecting their husband’s image but in this case when your Oga decides to throw the first punch online because he believes he has made you what you are today you need to set the record straight.

At the end of the day, the image or brand of Tiwa Savage is her source of income and considering Oga doesn’t work, it’s paramount she spoke out. Bearing in mind she was forced to do so by him taking their personal life online.Often when a marriage breaks down, the best form of defence adopted by most African men is to discredit the integrity of the woman by claiming the woman was a terrible wife.

After stealing and squandering his wife’s money TeeBillz, he has the nerve to take to social media to make claims of not being fed or asked if he has eaten. This is the typical behaviour of men who have lost their ways and instead of taking responsibility and man-up they turn on the woman.

We all know the music industry is very demanding and therefore if you want a wife to be at home to cook you dinner every evening then I guess you should have thought of that before going ahead to marry her. But then I guess it suited Oga when he was calling the shots as her manager and never thought she will master the courage to sack him in the interest of saving her marriage and not being duped.

Now for a husband to call his mistress “Edible Catering” we all know what edibles he was receiving in the name of being neglected. Why do men always think the least problems in the marriage can be fixed by having a side chick? It has never worked and it will never work. This is clearly a man with many insecurities.

How does a man borrow 45 million naira, rack up debts and not have money to buy baby food? Keeping up with the Jones has only lead to misery, broken marriages and mounting debts. Maintaining and building your family should be one of the most important vision a man must have. God called Abraham because he was a man who had control over his household.

Whatever you may think about Tiwa’s response she did what she thought was best and who are we to decide otherwise? She was honest enough to admit that she made a mistake and is willing to walk away from the drama, accusations, frustration and inhibitions many women are faced with in our society. I believe that whatever path she decides to follow will surely elevate her confidence to build a new life for herself and her son.


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