Virtual Game Pokemon Go Banned In Iran


Within the last month, the location-based reality game Pokemon Go has got most people in the UK talking. Whiles many young game buffs wonder off to Pokemon Go land, and some get run over by vehicles, the less techno savvy section of the UK population are left in the dark about the adventures in this new virtual space.

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The game, which is developed by San Francisco based Niantic Inc., and manufactured by Japan based Nintendo Consumer Electronics Company, saw Nintendo shares in Japan leap to 25% making it the highest one day gain since 1983.

Analysts have attributed the popularity of the game to its ability to combine the virtual world and the real world. The game, which offers a real world view, allows individuals to summon characters in the virtual world to real life locations captured with their camera phone and train or fight these characters.

In the face of the craze over Pokemon Go, however, the official body that oversees online activities in Iran has issued a complete ban of the game over security concerns. Some researchers have also said they have found malware in some versions of the app, and some hackers in St Louis, Missouri are reported to have created beacons aimed at luring Pokemon Go gamers to a location where they would be robbed at gun point.

It is obvious from all this that the sensational Pokemon Go may have caught on like wildfire, but those who decide to play the game must keep their eyes peeled if they are to stay out of trouble.


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