Fancy Having A Drink Before A Flight?


There are many excuses people make for drinking before a flight. Some holidayers, will do it just to get in the mood for their eagerly anticipated vacation, whiles others will hit the bottle to fortify themselves against the fear of flying. A recent rise in flight disruptions by drunken passengers has caused the UK government to re-examine the manner in which alcohol is sold at airports.

In a recent interview with the Press Association, the new Aviation Minister Lord Ahmad suggested the crackdown was not an attempt to “kill merriment”.

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“If you’re a young family travelling on a plane you want to go from point A to B, you don’t want to be disrupted…I think it’s important that passengers who board planes are also responsible and have a responsibility to other passengers, and that certainly should be the factor which we bear in mind.In terms of specific regulations of timings of outlets (which sell alcohol) and how they operate, clearly I want to have a look at that,” he said.

Commenting on the suggested changes on a Channel 5 News interview, Managing Director of, Phil Ward said: “Examples of the strength of beer that get served in airport terminals for example some of the bugger bars sell pints when you want to go large…what’s that all about? I think there are certain areas of the journey that need to be reviewed.”

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Tightening the regulations on the sale of alcohol at airport terminals will no doubt reduce the incidence of flight disruption by people who get drunk on flights. It will also save airlines several millions in lost revenue resulting from diverted flights.

When the suggested regulations come into operation soon, those who drink to escape the fear of flying may have no choice than to brave any turbulence in mid-air.


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