Peppa Pig Owner Fends off ITV Takeover


Many parents, who take an interest in the programmes their children watch, will know Peppa Pig. Those who aren’t familiar with the pre-school animated TV series would have seen its piggy characters on the shelves of most supermarkets.

Behind the constant grunting of piggy characters George and Peppa is a huge global cartoon franchise largely owned by Canadian company Entertainment One. The creators of Peppa Pig, Neville Astley and Mark Baker, are said to have started collaborating in 1994 and have written over 100 episodes of the programme.

Apart from owning Peppa Pig, Entertainment One reportedly owns over 40,000 film and television titles with 4,500 hours of TV programming and 45,000 music tracks. It is, therefore, no surprise the film and television Distribution Company has turned down an offer by commercial broadcaster ITV to takeover its programme.

According to the Peppa Pig owner, the company board: “unanimously rejected it on the basis that it fundamentally undervalues the company and its prospects.” Clearly, Entertainment One, which is currently valued at over £900m, doesn’t intend to offer Peppa Pig on a silver platter.

As ITV retreats to reconsider its £1bn bid for Peppa Pig, it looks certain the global success of the Peppa Pig franchise will cause the broadcaster to fatten its takeover bid.


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