Maame Serwaah Steps Out In Her Garment of Praise


Over time, the gospel music scene has seen a revolution with many gospel musicians composing music that uplifts the soul. When UK based gospel singer, Maame Serwaah, got inspiration for her latest album, she prayed over it and the word “praise” came to mind. Her latest album ‘Garment of Praise’, which is based on Isaiah 61:1 encourages believers to offer praise and thanksgiving in all situations.

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In an interview with Globe Entertainment UK, the singer disclosed that her songs were based on personal experiences. “I normally write songs through personal experiences and other people’s personal experiences as well…when I go to church I listen to the pastors preach and sometimes there is this key word that hits you. Also, when reading the bible God draws your attention to some key words. I’ve got a notepad where I note it down and when composing the song, the Holy Spirit helps me to bring all these lyrics together beautifully,” she said.

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The articulate gospel singer isn’t completely new to the gospel music scene. Her first album ‘Gospel Rock’ was released in 2009 and since then the singer has learned a lot about gospel music ministry. Talking about her experiences she revealed: “The bible says that there’s time for everything and for everything there is a season. Since coming into gospel music ministry, I have learned that it is seasonal. You will not last forever…many years ago we had Professor Kofi Abraham, Yaw Sarpong, Tagoe Sisters and many renowned gospel musicians, but now some of them are no more on the music scene…so whatever you’re doing you try and make sure that you’re there for a particular season so that you make an impact.”

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Perhaps to reflect the life of the new generation of gospel singers, Maame Serwaa is a mother of three, who works part-time and pursues a full-time Computer Science degree at the university. On how she’s able to cope with her busy life and Gospel music ministry she said: “I’m a firm believer of time management. If you know what have to do and set your priorities right, it wouldn’t always be on point or perfect but at the end of the day you’ll be better off than not using time management at all.”

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Although based in the UK, the gospel singer has always remained attached to her Ghanaian roots and says the Ghanaian gospel music scene has improved. “The Ghanaian gospel music scene has really improved and is more diverse now. You can hear white people singing Ghanaian songs…I believe music has just one language…so it’s not a like Ghanaian or Twi or Akan song. As long as it’s music, it’s music…especially gospel music which brings God’s people together. Also, most Ghanaian singers want to sing in different languages so it has a broader appeal,” she disclosed.

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‘Garment of Praise’ has 8 tracks which were recorded, mixed and mastered at Adehyee recording studio in London. The singer will soon embark on her European tour and says the album is dedicated to her father Mr. Abrampah Mensah and her fans around the globe.

Listen to one of the songs of Maame Serwaah’s latest album below:

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