Is Angelina Jolie’s Image Makeover A Mission Impossible?


In the world of entertainment image is synonymous with success, and many celebrities surround themselves with the finest publicists and firms capable of carving the desired image.

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Apart from carving appealing and marketable profiles for celebrities, publicists come in handy when celebrities find themselves in hot waters and damage control is necessary. Every now and then you find some celebrities who decide to do away with the services of publicists and this appears “cool” until trouble strikes.

Actress Angelina Jolie has recently had a tough time going through her divorce with Brad Pitt and is reportedly seeking the services of top publicists to help manage her image. But just how possible will this be especially when she has never had a publicist? It has also been said that the firms contacted by the actress haven’t returned her calls.

Renowned American lawyer and matrimonial attorney, Raoul Felder, has suggested that it may be too late to clean up the actress’s image and has likened the situation to a patient who decides to go to the doctor for a check-up when they’ve already had a heart attack.

From the look of things, it will be an uphill task cleaning up Angie’s image but her experience and the opinions of experts like Raoul will give other A-listers an idea how important publicists are in show business.


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