Tyrese Gibson Defends Decision To Splash On His Daughter of 9 Years


When you are a person who earns average income it is easier to decide how modestly you want to treat your loved ones to the good things of life.However, the situation gets a bit trickier when you are a celebrity earning a six-figure income. Remember when Puff Daddy sang of ‘more money more problems?’

Many celebrities have been criticised for splashing ridiculously expensive gifts on their children, but American singer/ songwriter and actor Tyrese Gibson disclosed that he wasn’t holding back on giving his daughter of 9 years, Shayla, the best things of life. The actor, who currently plays Pastor Harris in American hit series ‘Star’ was interviewed on the Wendy Williams Show.

Talking of his daughter he says: “My daughter is great, she’s smart, she’s focused, she loves her dad, loves her mum, loves her friends…she’s the greatest on human feet.” When asked whether it was true he’d bought an island for his daughter the answer was a firm “yes”.

Tyrese bought an island for his daughter when she was 8 years and made no apologies on the show when asked about this. He explained that: “you could either have your child deal with the realities of struggling or you can try your best to create as great of a lifestyle as you can. I’m not going to purposely keep my daughter away from the things that I think she deserves because of people’s opinion.”

Clearly, the actor is one of many celebrities who are determined to dote on their loved ones in spite of what people would think of them.


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