Fifty Shades Darker Hits $276.9 Million


The sensation that characterised the release of American erotic romantic film ‘Fifty Shade of Grey’ was enough to make an old lady dewy-eyed.

An observant friend disclosed that back in 2015, some individuals who acquired the book would normally tear the front page if they wanted to read it while on London’s crowded trains. This way, fellow commuters would have no clue they were indulging in the erotic novel by E.L. James.

Two years after the release of ‘Fifty Shade of Grey’, producers have released a sequel ‘Fifty Shade Darker’ to cash in on their previous success. According to film magazine Screen International, the film is currently ranked number one at the international and worldwide box office for two weeks in a row.

Having grossed a total of $276.9 million worldwide, ‘Fifty Shade Darker’ has exceeded ‘La La Land’ which has so far only succeeded in grossing some $200 million.


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