Filmmaker Juliet Asante Offers Hope Through Library Project


A recent news report by the BBC about the sale of stranded migrants in Libya caused outrage among Africans on the continent and in the diaspora. For many, it was unimaginable that this form of slavery would be going on at a time when humankind has said “never again” to slavery.

A critical look at the situation, however, reveals the root cause of deprivation, poverty and lack of opportunities for these vibrant men and women. And whiles others may disagree with the supposed root causes of this migration, it should be noteworthy that even birds leave their natural habitats in search of food elsewhere.

It is refreshing when individuals in the public eye start initiatives aimed at addressing some of these root causes, and Ghanaian actress, film producer/ director and founding president of the Black Star International Film Festival, Juliet Asante, deserves commendation for her use of film to shape the perspective of the new generation of Africans. By launching an initiative to build container libraries in communities across Ghana, the actress and filmmaker, who is also a Harvard Graduate, is providing an opportunity to many young people to discover the world through literacy.

 Filmmaker Juliet Asante Offers Hope Through Library Project

Clearly, it isn’t enough to be angry about the enslavement of fellow Africans and doing nothing about it. It may well be that many of us can’t directly intervene in the situation in Libya to spare our brethren of being enslaved, but we can start by supporting those with ideas to lay the foundation to prevent future generations of Africans from being enslaved.

Let’s all support the Yaa Asantewa Library Project.

To contribute to the project from Ghana send mobile money donations to: 0557828143 . As this is a charity project, every donation goes directly into getting a community Library for our first community. Follow our page on Facebook to keep updated. Many benefits come from giving to the project, the first being that You can make a real difference in a child’s life… to give, just follow this link. To learn more about the project, Visit our website
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